Graduate with

More than a Tassel

Luzerne County Community College

Our partnership with the LCCC brings with it the potential for students to earn up to an Associate's Degree prior to high school graduation. Whether taken on campus and taught by our BHS teachers or taken online with LCCC instructors, these courses are offered at no cost.  

Bloomsburg University

We are proud to partner with BU, our hometown post-secondary institution for advanced science and technology coursework. Courses are available at a discounted rate and allow students to work toward post-secondary degrees while still in high school. 

Community-Based Learning

For students who would like to prepare for a career following high school graduation, community-based learning provides an opportunity to gain real world experience prior to graduation. Opportunities for internships exist with many local businesses.


Our Panther Vision

Success and Connection

Our District Vision is to create the conditions for students, faculty, and staff to feel successful and connected to something larger than themselves. 

Opportunity and Access

Our primary instructional goal is to provide students with opportunity and access for intellectual, social, and economic mobility. Rather than confine our work to K-12 alone, we are expanding our post-secondary partnerships to provide students with college and career experiences while they are still in high school. Remarkably, all students have an opportunity to earn up to an Associate's Degree through a blend of in-class and online options. This post-secondary coursework is offered at no charge to our students or their families. 

Teaching and Learning

If our kids can read critically, write effectively, understand math conceptually and fluently, we have created the conditions for

Generational Change.